California International Marathon Recap 2017

It’s been a week since I ran the CIM.  This post probably won’t be too long.  And it will probably be written all over the place.

I’m still confused on how I feel about this race.  Last year I loved it, read that recap here.  This year.  I don’t know.  I never got super excited to run it.  Maybe I was worried about my ankle.  I got sick with a cold/flu thing a few days before the race.  I am not sure.

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CIM Training – week 18

Race week!  I didn’t run all my prescribed runs, as my ankle was still feeling funky.  I managed to get a cold on the Thursday/Friday too.  Ugh.

I did get to explore through the Redwoods up in Northern California this week though.  That was pretty magical!

But, overall I’m happy with how I went this week.  And I’ll upload a race report of the CIM shortly!

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CIM Training – week 16

Oh dear.  This was terrible. I traveled to California on Monday.  Then it was pouring with rain during the week, and I just didn’t want to get outside.  This truly was a horrible week for running.  I know I just need to keep my legs moving and not injure myself.  And I do actually have a little soreness (Not sure if that’s the right word) on my left leg, right around the ankle, so I’m kind of really resting to hope it improves by race day.

I did get in a bike ride this week though!

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It’s that time

It always comes to a point of marathon training where I feel defeated.  I feel worn out.  I feel that I hate running.

I really start to question myself.

It is one month until M-day.  The CIM is only one month away.  Let me repeat that for a third time.  ONE MONTH TO GO.  And I’m having serious doubts.  I need to type this all out, and hopefully it gets out of my system.img_6890 Continue reading

CIM Training – week 14

I managed to fit in my long run AND my strength run while I was at work in Australia!  What a win!

However, after I flew back home I just haven’t been feeling right.  I don’t know if it is the jet lag, or if I’m getting sick.  I’m just not motivated to run.  Hopefully I sort myself out.  Such a great start to the week, and then a flop for the end of the week.

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CIM Training – week 13

I’m not sure how I should feel about this week.  I was away working.  Crazy, crazy things happened (that I don’t really want to get into), so I was’t able to get all my runs in.  I didn’t hit workouts that I should have done – namely tempo and strength runs.  But,  it’s done.  I can’t go back and change it.  I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve been running more that I’ve ever been before.  Even with a few weeks being off, I’ve kept pushing.  I’ve been more consistent.  I will try to talk myself up, not down.

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