weekly recap

To keep myself motivated with my goals, I’ve decided to do weekly recaps, even though I’m not training for anything right now.  I have a few races that I’m thinking about, but at the moment, nothing set in stone.  However, writing out what I am doing keeps me motivated to stay active.  If I have nothing to write down, I feel extremely upset!

Each week I would like to accomplish a speed session, a tempo session and a long run.  The long run being relative – at the moment I’m considering 4-5 miles as long, but hopefully they will get longer as the year progresses.

So, let’s start with this week, as I’m pretty happy with it, and hopefully it will continue. Continue reading


When friends make you do crazy things….

My BRF, has decided that we need to qualify for Boston – and I’m all for that challenge!  Hence the #SK2BQ (Suzanne & Katie to Boston Qualify).

Now, this is a huge challenge, especially for a slow runner like me.  This may take a few years. Continue reading

California International Marathon Recap 2017

It’s been a week since I ran the CIM.  This post probably won’t be too long.  And it will probably be written all over the place.

I’m still confused on how I feel about this race.  Last year I loved it, read that recap here.  This year.  I don’t know.  I never got super excited to run it.  Maybe I was worried about my ankle.  I got sick with a cold/flu thing a few days before the race.  I am not sure.

Well, let’s start off from the beginning.  Continue reading

CIM Training – week 18

Race week!  I didn’t run all my prescribed runs, as my ankle was still feeling funky.  I managed to get a cold on the Thursday/Friday too.  Ugh.

I did get to explore through the Redwoods up in Northern California this week though.  That was pretty magical!

But, overall I’m happy with how I went this week.  And I’ll upload a race report of the CIM shortly!

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CIM Training – week 16

Oh dear.  This was terrible. I traveled to California on Monday.  Then it was pouring with rain during the week, and I just didn’t want to get outside.  This truly was a horrible week for running.  I know I just need to keep my legs moving and not injure myself.  And I do actually have a little soreness (Not sure if that’s the right word) on my left leg, right around the ankle, so I’m kind of really resting to hope it improves by race day.

I did get in a bike ride this week though!

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It’s that time

It always comes to a point of marathon training where I feel defeated.  I feel worn out.  I feel that I hate running.

I really start to question myself.

It is one month until M-day.  The CIM is only one month away.  Let me repeat that for a third time.  ONE MONTH TO GO.  And I’m having serious doubts.  I need to type this all out, and hopefully it gets out of my system.img_6890 Continue reading

CIM Training – week 14

I managed to fit in my long run AND my strength run while I was at work in Australia!  What a win!

However, after I flew back home I just haven’t been feeling right.  I don’t know if it is the jet lag, or if I’m getting sick.  I’m just not motivated to run.  Hopefully I sort myself out.  Such a great start to the week, and then a flop for the end of the week.

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